Women’s History Month — Resources for Educators

This list of lessons, articles, books and videos for educators can be used by schools and districts looking to celebrate … Read More

What Successful Educational Women Leaders Do 

By Stephanie Pierce, Ed.D.  With the effect of the pandemic, many women leaders are feeling overwhelmed, overextended, and exhausted with … Read More

I’m Fine. Everything is Fine

Confessions of a recovering imposter syndrome leader in education By Tanya De La Cruz   You’ve gotten the promotions. You’ve … Read More

Welcome to the Circus

Juggling the demands of life and leadership By Donya Ball, Ed.D.   Driven, determined, confident. These words describe many administrators. … Read More

No One’s Checking for Us, Sis

Navigating societal expectations of Black women administrators in public schools By Ayanna Balogun, Ed.D.   Full Disclaimer: This is an … Read More

Closing the Gender Gap: Rewrite Our Story

By Dr. Trudy Arriaga, Dr. Stacie Stanley and Dr. Delores Lindsey   “It’s a Man’s World” is more than a … Read More

Designed to Lead! The Female Brain and Leadership

By Lisa Andrew, Ed.D., and Eric Andrew, Ed.D.   Musical lyrics can provide great insight into the female experience. Songs … Read More

Gender-based Social Expectations for Women

Be Bold, But Not Too Bold By Katrina Johnson León, Ed.D.   One summer, after playing all day with Dal, … Read More

Nurturing Mothers Within or New to Educational Leadership

By Alexandra Thomas   “I think every working mom probably feels the same thing: you go through big chunks of … Read More

Changing How We Think About Self-Care

Assessing your “wellness buckets” will actually make you feel better By Ana Reyes, M.Ed.   Even prior to the pandemic, … Read More

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