ACSA’s Advocacy in Action 2023

During the first year of the 2023-24 legislative session, ACSA heavily influenced state budget and policy outcomes on behalf of … Read More

Adopting Curriculum and Related Resources

ACSA and F3 Law have produced a document and associated one-pager on adopting curriculum and instructional materials. The information presented … Read More

10 Tips for Superintendents Signing Their First Contract

The ACSA Member Assistance and Legal Support Team, under the direction of ACSA’s Deputy Executive Director Margarita Cuizon-Armelino, assists close … Read More

ACSA’s Advocacy in Action: Legislative Session Recap

Read an analysis of ACSA’s advocacy efforts in the 2022 legislative session, including funding increases and legislative accomplishments.

Guidance for Schools on Sports and Strenuous Outdoor Activities During Extreme Heat

The California Department of Public Health has provided interim health guidance for school sports and other strenuous outdoor activities during … Read More

How Administrators and Counselors Can Work Together

How do we educate administrators and district officials to understand the role/practice of the school counselor to ensure they are … Read More

Your Mind First: Episode 5

  Episode 5 of Your Mind First focuses on ACSA’s role in addressing the student and educator mental health crisis. … Read More

Your Mind First: Episode 4

  This week, we’re doing a deeper dive on educator burnout with policy researcher Elizabeth Steiner from the RAND Corporation. … Read More

Your Mind First: Episode 3

  This episode focuses on educator burnout, work-life balance and how to create healthier and happier school environments. With guests … Read More

Your Mind First: Episode 2

  Episode 2 of “Your Mind First” features California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom. The hourlong discussion covers how to … Read More

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