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“I See You, I Hear You, I Appreciate You, and I Support You”: Nurturing the Pillars of Public Education Amidst Political Divide

by Oscar Macias, director of Education of Equity, Access, and Family Engagement for the Glendale Unified School District.

In the midst of a deeply divided America, there exists a unifying force that transcends political lines: our public school teachers, support staff and administrators. They are the unsung heroes in our communities, dedicating themselves to shaping the minds and futures of our children. In a climate marked by ideological polarization, it is crucial that we acknowledge, appreciate, and support these dedicated professionals for their unwavering commitment to public education.

“I see you.” These three words convey a simple yet powerful message to our public school teachers and administrators. It is an acknowledgment of the tireless hours spent preparing lessons, grading papers, providing individualized attention to students, and keeping schools physically and mentally safe. It recognizes the sacrifices made to ensure that every child, regardless of background or circumstance, has the opportunity to receive a quality education. This acknowledgment is not bound by political ideology; it is a testament to the shared belief that education is the cornerstone of a thriving society.

“I hear you.” Public school teachers, support staff and administrators are on the frontlines, witnessing firsthand the evolving needs of our children. They understand the challenges, frustrations and aspirations of the students they serve. Their voices are invaluable in shaping policies and practices that truly benefit our educational system. By listening to their insights and experiences, we gain a deeper understanding of the reforms needed to cultivate a nurturing learning environment for all.

“I appreciate you.” It is imperative that we express our gratitude for the dedication exhibited by public school educators. Their work extends far beyond the confines of a classroom; it impacts the trajectory of a child’s life. From instilling a love for learning to imparting vital life skills, teachers, support staff and administrators play a vital role in the development of responsible, engaged citizens. Recognizing their contributions fosters a culture of appreciation that reverberates through our communities.

“I support you.” This declaration signifies a commitment to providing the resources, tools, and opportunities necessary for public school teachers, support staff, and administrators to succeed. Adequate funding, professional development, and mental health support are essential components of this support system. Additionally, it entails creating a collaborative environment that empowers educators to innovate, adapt, and excel in their roles. By standing behind our teachers and administrators, we fortify the foundation of our educational system.

Amidst the current political divide, public education has become a focal point of ideological clashes. However, we must remember that the ultimate goal is to equip our children with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in an ever-changing world. Supporting public school teachers and administrators is not a matter of partisanship; it is a shared endeavor rooted in the belief that education is the bedrock of our society.

Investing in public education is an investment in our collective future. A well-educated populace is the linchpin of a prosperous economy and a vibrant democracy. Quality education empowers individuals to pursue their passions, contribute meaningfully to society, and drive innovation. By equipping our youth with the tools they need to succeed, we are securing a brighter tomorrow for our nation.

In order to effectively support public school teachers and administrators, we must prioritize both financial and emotional resources. Adequate funding is imperative to provide classrooms with the necessary materials, maintain safe and conducive learning environments, and attract and retain qualified educators. Moreover, offering professional development opportunities and mental health resources is essential to address the unique challenges faced by those in the education sector.

Furthermore, fostering a culture of appreciation is equally crucial. This can be achieved through community engagement, recognizing outstanding educators, and providing platforms for their voices to be heard. Encouraging dialogue between teachers, administrators, parents, and policymakers can lead to innovative solutions and a more effective education system.

In these divided times, let us stand united in our commitment to public education. Let us recognize the invaluable role of our teachers and administrators and provide them with the resources and appreciation they deserve. In doing so, we honor their work and invest in a brighter future for our nation. By supporting those who shape the minds of our children, we ensure that the promise of a quality education remains within reach for every student, regardless of their circumstances.

Tell a teacher, support staff member, school administrator, district official the following: I see you. I hear you. I appreciate you. I support you.

Oscar Macias, Ed.D, has served for over 25 years in public education. He was a campus supervisor, a classroom teacher, high school assistant principal, a middle school principal, and is currently the Director of Education of Equity, Access, and Family Engagement for the Glendale Unified School District.  

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