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Charter School Reforms in the COVID-19 Era

This resource is provided by ACSA Partner4Purpose Lozano Smith. 


On the latest episode of Let’s Talk: Lozano Smith Podcast, host Sloan Simmons facilitates a timely and interesting discussion with Lozano Smith Charter School Practice Group Leaders, Ed Sklar and Erin Hamor, regarding the status of charter school reform legislation and the impacts of COVID-19 on same.

Show Notes & Featured Topics

2:10 – Review of charter reform legislation over the last two years
2:31 – Assembly Bill (AB) 1505
3:26 – State dashboard
7:20 – AB 1316 and pending Education Budget Trailer Bill
7:36 – People v. McManus; San Diego Super. Ct. Case No. SCD266439
9:17 – Anticipated 3-year renewed moratorium on non-classroom based (NCB) charter schools
9:38 – Anticipated 2-year hiatus for charter renewals
11:57 – COVID-19 pandemic & NCB charter school accountability
13:43 – SB 98 influence on NCB charter school funding (Client News Brief 60 – July 2020)
15:49 – State review of NCB charter schools’ success during pandemic
18:04 – Pending Education Budget Trailer Bill and NCB charter school moratorium
19:30 – Charter school accountability components
25:10 – Pending Education Budget Trailer Bill and anticipated timelines on renewal moratorium
28:40 – Charter school location accountability
28:48 – AB 1507
33:40 – Lack of state regulation and implementation issues
34:44 – Charter school recruitment issues
36:24 – Consequences for ignoring recruitment obligations

Listen to this podcast as well as past episodes here.

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