The Lawmaking Process: What You Need to Know

From its inception, a legislative measure might take a year or more to move through the legislative process. In order … Read More

How to Handle Common Legal Issues Classified Leaders Face

Keeping schools hazard-free. Guarding against potential danger. Serving as gatekeepers between students and the public. Classified employees perform the widest … Read More

How to Read a Bill

Things to look for when reading a bill: Bill number On the cover of each bill will appear the bill … Read More

Best Practices for Advancing District Educational Goals

With all the new hoops California districts have to jump through, it’s easy to approach district planning as a matter … Read More

Pitfalls to Avoid for Meaningful Community Engagement

When Oakland Unified School District received a $4 million windfall in supplemental and concentration dollars, parents and students knew exactly … Read More

Four Principles of Equity Leadership

Fueled by new directives to create equitable outcomes for all students, California schools are re-evaluating how they serve disadvantaged learners. But … Read More

Assessing Equity Leadership in Schools and Districts

Equity isn’t something you can create with a one-time initiative or awareness campaign. It must be woven into the very … Read More

Advice from Members on Education Advocacy

“One of your biggest barriers may be trying to get someone to call back or answer an email. I always … Read More

School Climate and Implicit Bias

No one is immune to the silent influence of their own subconscious. Almost everyone, even those who know or believe … Read More

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