Positive Mental Health Resource Bundle

May 18, 2021

This resource is provided by ACSA Partner4Purpose FranklinCovey Education.

How can we build positive mental health in students and teachers? The Canadian Comprehensive School Health Framework outlines a foundation for building positive mental health with four pillars.

FranklinCovey Education is providing ACSA members with some of their favorite Leader in Me resources aligned to each pillar in the Positive Mental Health Resource Bundle.  

Pillar 1: Social and Physical Environment

  • Quality relationships among staff and students
  • Emotional well-being of students
  • Condition of buildings and surrounding grounds

Pillar 2: Teaching and Learning

Resources, activities, and curriculum that provide students with: 
  • Age-appropriate knowledge
  • Experiences that build their skills
  • Improvement to their health and well-being

Pillar 3: Partnerships and Services

Collaborations that support and advance positive mental health among: 

  • A school
  • Students' families
  • Surrounding community organizations

Pillar 4: Healthy School Policy

School procedures and policies that: 
  • Promote health and well-being
  • Shape a respectful, welcoming, and caring school environment

Access the Leader in Me Positive Mental Health Resource Bundle through June 14, 2021. 

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