Schedule events to honor tragedies and those who passed

In the event that you have lost students, staff, and/or members of the school community, it is important to honor the grieving process in the aftermath of a tragedy. The following are tips that will help your team think through ways to honor events and individuals.


  • Facilitate grieving in a healthy manner.

  • Donations will flow into the school, so identify a staff person who can assist with gathering and aggregating the donations.

  • Set up a fund for those who want to donate to families who have experienced losses, as this information will be requested by others.

  • As the anniversary of a tragedy approaches, consider what would be helpful to honor those affected by the event.

  • Be cautious of the placement of any permanent memorials, as those can be triggering for staff and students who experienced the tragedy.

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Conduct school community follow up meetings
Conduct school community follow up meetings

Develop a plan to share information with families and community members.

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