Immediately after the incident, consider whether to repair, relocate or rebuild the facility

Deciding to repair, relocate or rebuild a facility can be very difficult ones for school leaders, but time is of the essence. If the site will be closed down for any ongoing investigation, consider relocating the students as soon as possible to other schools or locations.

The longer a school goes without being repaired, the longer students, families and staff will be impacted. If the decision is made to restore and return students as quickly as possible, it needs to be returned to how it looked prior to the incident.

Here are other facility considerations:

  • When the ”crime scene” has been cleared to the district, immediately put up yellow-tape to close down certain areas. This will keep unwanted people from accessing sensitive areas until you deem them clear for public access. This includes the media and “looky-loos” that will inevitably enter any area that you have not marked or blocked off.

  • Hire emergency clean-up services after law enforcement has completed its work.

  • Hire security to continue to secure site and keep people away from sensitive areas.

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Provide Human Resources support
Provide Human Resources support

Staff will require ongoing long and short term support after a major incident.

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Engage counsel to prepare for legal issues that may arise
Engage counsel to prepare for legal issues that may arise

Before beginning any press conferences, bring in your district counsel.