Update safety plan regularly and train all staff on its contents

The district/school safety plan should be collaboratively updated at least annually by the safety committee.  Staff training should occur at least annually for all personnel (certificated, classified, substitutes, and management).  Designated roles and responsibilities should be reviewed and practiced. Quarterly table-top simulations/scenarios should be used in staff meetings.  

School sites should annually inventory emergency supplies and first aid kits, and replenish as necessary.  Ongoing training in CPR, first aid, and emergency medical aid should be offered for staff members, and site plans updated with this information. Fire departments can often provide basic CPR training at no cost as well as how to effectively use of automated external defibrillators (AED’s).


  • Sample Scenarios - These scenarios can be used with staff to either practice drills or talk through them in staff meetings. 
  • How to Use an AED video - This video by the American Heart Association shows how to use an AED and can be used with staff in training. 
  • When Seconds Count First Aid video - This video by American Safety EMT reviews how to provide first aid on victims suffering from slips, falls, motor vehicle incidents, cuts, bruises, head trauma, cardiac arrest, blocked airways, and more.
  • Basic CPR video - The American Heart Association created this minute long video to provide basic, hands-only CPR that can be used time and time again with staff in a very short period of time. 
  • Ed Code Section 32280 - This page links to the Ed Code requirements for school safety plans. 
  • Compliance Checklist - The California Department of Education developed a school safety plan compliance checklist to determine if you are meeting the requirements of the law.
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