Identify a relocation site, and communicate information to families

In the event of a large-scale emergency, your local law enforcement will likely step in and help you ascertain the relocation site that will be used, based on the movement of emergency vehicles and the location on the campus of an emergency.


  • Determine a safe and most appropriate relation site utilizing your predetermined locations

  • Once a relocation site is determined, communicate that information directly to families via a closed loop communication system

  • Consider messaging programs that can immediately notify parents. School Messenger, Parent Square, or other messaging program can communicate directly to parents/families and staff. Realize that when information is sent out through many programs, there is a rolling notification process, particularly in large districts with more than 10,000 students and multiple contacts for each student. Parents will not be informed simultaneously and should be aware of how these programs work before an emergency takes place.

  • If students are able to assist in this notification (texting or calling parents directly), have a plan for communicating that information to them when it is safe to do so, along with a timeline for release of students.

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Communicate with families, media, and other stakeholders
Communicate with families, media, and other stakeholders

Be sure to communicate with parents and key stakeholders so they receive accurate information from you.

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