Establish a district and school safety committee comprised of a myriad of key stakeholders

A district level safety committee should meet at least quarterly to create, reflect upon, and update district safety plans.  Recommended stakeholders for a district committee should include, but not be limited to: superintendent, business administrator, human resources administrator, facilities director, law enforcement representative, principals, transportation manager, food services manager, and district parent representatives.  

Regular communication should occur with school site level safety committees. Recommended stakeholders for school site safety committees include, but not limited to site administrator, teacher representatives, classified representatives, parents, and students, depending on grade levels. 

Suggested Topics for Safety Meeting Agendas:

  • Technology.
  • Tip lines.
  • Policy.
  • Specific training.
  • Student perspectives on safety.
  • Communicating with parents about drills.
  • How to talk to students about a drill.
  • Emergency supplies.
  • Hot topics at school sites around safety.
  • Local law enforcement issues.
  • Facility issues.


  • Before the Crisis, Leadership for the District - Tennessee Schools provides great tips for district/site safety and emergency response teams. This information would be helpful when setting up your teams. 
  • Making Schools Safer Quick Reference Guide - The Department of Homeland Security produced a two page review of key aspects of school security. This is a valuable read and conversation starter for a team working through aspects of school safety. 
  • Violence Prevention Plan - Looking for a more detailed plan to prevent violence in a district or school? This two page document from the United States Secret Service provides an eight-step process that can be used with a safety team.
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Use an anonymous reporting system or tip line
Use an anonymous reporting system or tip line

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Update safety plan regularly and train all staff on its contents
Update safety plan regularly and train all staff on its contents

The district/school safety plan should be collaboratively updated at least annually by the safety committee.