Conduct school community follow up meetings

Develop a plan to share information with families and community members. Ask for input to improve response and follow up.


  • Consider location(s) to best meet community needs and involve the entire community impacted.

  • Get assistance from professional on agenda and format.

  • Use the most skilled facilitator you have in your district to host the discussion and subsequent conversations.

  • Consider hosting more than one community follow-up meeting to accommodate families with differing schedules. This will also help to diffuse the crowds, and the context of the first meeting can be used to help improve subsequent meetings.

  • Consider the following as an outline for a community meeting:

  1. Welcome, introduction, and context for the meeting
  2. Ground rules and role of facilitator
  3. What was intended?
  4. What actually happened?
  5. What went well, and why?
  6. What can be improved, and how?
  7. Next steps, moving forward
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