Call 911

As soon as an emergency situation is identified, either directly call or designate someone to call 911. The sooner you call them, the sooner they can have first responders en route to the emergency.


  • The 9-1-1 dispatcher will ask the caller a series of questions, it is important the caller stay calm and relay factual information to the dispatcher.  Use this TIP SHEET when training or reviewing with staff.
  • Consider having all staff in the district add the local phone number for the police/sheriff’s department so they are not rerouted when trying to call 9-1-1.
  • When calling from a cellular phone number, ask to be connected to the local law enforcement agency. Otherwise, they will likely be routed to the California Highway Patrol.
  • If cellular service or power is cut to the school site or the caller, have an alternative plan in place to reach first responders.
  • It is important to have redundant systems (alternate forms of communication) in place for a variety of circumstances, some areas to consider can be found in this Redundant Communications checklist.
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