Task force formed on school violence

March 2, 2018 Staff Writer

ACSA has announced the formation of a task force in response to the growing number of school violence situations.

The task force will be led by ACSA President-elect Holly Edds. A joint email signed by Edds, ACSA President Lisa Gonzales and Executive Director Wes Smith announced the task force being formed, and immediately the association was deluged with ACSA members volunteering and wanting to be involved.

“The safety and well-being of students is an educational leader’s utmost priority,” the email stated. “We are horrified and outraged once again, by another school shooting and outraged by the senseless loss of life and the devastating impact on the lives of our students, faculties, parents and communities.”

The task force will reach out to all stakeholder groups for participation, not just K-12 school leaders, and hopes to include representatives from law enforcement, social workers, medical professionals, industry experts and students to address the critical issues related to mental health, school climate, and gun violence on campus.

“We believe there is a need to have serious discussions about these issues, and we will be assembling resources for educators and a plan of action for ACSA, as well as our state and federal partners,” Edds said.

As the task force works to improve school safety, ACSA is asking members to share any of the best practices currently in use to prevent and respond to violence on campus. Please send your thoughts, ideas and best practices to Naj Alikhan, ACSA senior director of Communications, at nalikhan@acsa.org.

“We have been inspired by the maturity and wisdom of students, many of whom are organizing protests and walkouts nationwide on March 14 and April 20,” the email stated. “California students will likely participate in these protests and walkouts, and it is our duty to create a safe, supportive environment for the expression of their voice.

“Leadership matters to our students, staff and families,” the email stated. “We need to be ready to provide support to our entire community.”

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