Leaders recap year’s successes at May Assembly

May 20, 2019 Staff Writer

Members of ACSA’s Leadership Assembly met in Sacramento May 8-10 for an update on the year’s progress and to make decisions about the organization’s future.

The Leadership Assembly’s action item for the Thursday meeting was to elect the 2019-20 Vice President and Vice President for Legislative Action.

Charlie Hoffman, superintendent of Shasta-Trinity ROP and Bella Vista ESD, was elected Vice President of the board, which puts him in line to be ACSA President in the 2021-22 year. Hoffman, who ran unopposed, has been an ACSA member since 1997 and has represented Region 1 on ACSA’s CTE Council, Superintendency Council and the State Board.

Barbara Martinez, principal at Pacific Grove Adult Education, was elected as Vice President for Legislative Action. The post puts her in charge of leading ACSA’s efforts at the 2020 Legislative Action Day.

ACSA Executive Director Wes Smith gave the Leadership Assembly an update on the accomplishments ACSA has had in the 2018-19 year. Highlights included ACSA’s response to the Camp Fire by donating 2,000 Chromebooks to help establish makeshift classrooms for students displaced by the fire, strike support and training materials to help districts facing teacher strikes, creating an equity department with its own roster of academies and conferences devoted to the topic, and representation on the governor’s Charter Task Force.

“As you get better and we get better at serving you, we know students benefit,” Smith said.

Leaders from Region 3 participate in a table discussion at ACSA's May Leadership Assembly.Also on the agenda, ACSA Chief Operations Officer Scarlett Vanyi led a discussion on ACSA’s Strategic Plan. Regions discussed at their tables how to support second-year milestones in the plan at the region and charter level.

ACSA Senior Director of Equity Marguerite Williams led an exercise on the cycle of socialization and how biases, ideas and stereotypes are learned from loved ones and institutions.

As the final Leadership Assembly of the 2018-19 year, the meeting ended with the installation of next year’s ACSA President and Board of Directors.

Incoming ACSA President Linda Kaminski addresses the May Leadership Assembly.Linda Kaminski, superintendent of Azusa USD, was installed as President. Speaking to the Assembly, Kaminski shared a realization she had while staring at a poster featuring doors at Harvard University — doors that were all closed.

“Like a flash, I thought, that’s it, that’s my job. My job is to make sure that when a student walks across the stage for high school graduation, they have a key to go through any door they want. They get to pick the door, and we’ve given them the tools, we’ve given them the keys to make that selection,” she said. “That’s important work that I can’t do without you — that we can’t do unless we work together. And I want to thank you now for what you have done and what we will be doing next year.”

Outgoing ACSA President Holly Edds stands with President-Elect Ron Williams at the Leadership Assembly dinner.The 2019-20 ACSA Board Officers are as follows:

President: Linda Kaminski, Superintendent, Azusa USD.

President-Elect: Ron Williams, Superintendent, Victor Valley UHSD.

Vice President: Charlie Hoffman, Superintendent, Shasta-Trinity ROP/Bella Vista Elementary.

Vice President for Legislative Action: Barbara Martinez, Principal, Pacific Grove Adult Education.

Past President: Holly Edds, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services, Orcutt Union SD.

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