Williams named new ACSA equity leader

August 15, 2018 Staff Writer

Dr. Marguerite Williams, Director of Linked Learning for the Los Angeles Unified School District, has been named ACSA’s Senior Director of Equity and Diversity, and will serve as a member of our organization’s senior leadership.

“This is an incredible opportunity to make a substantive change in how we build communities and determine the best methods to educate our students,” Williams said. “ACSA has been a leader in focusing on equity through professional development of school leaders, and I believe we can build upon the work of our organization.”

Williams has served in several capacities in her tenure with the Los Angeles USD, most recently coaching school principals to improve academic achievement through the Linked Learning approach. Marguerite previously supervised school principals in her role as director in the Intensive Support and Innovation Center (ISIC).

ACSA Executive Director Wes Smith said ACSA’s commitment to equity goes beyond our new mission statement, which is why finding the right person to lead our organization’s strategies and programs in the name of equity was so important.

“We know how valuable this position is to our statewide members and partners,” he said. “We want our equity leader to be able to build capacity in cultural proficiency and educational equity, provide professional development, and work within our new strategic plan to improve diversity in the field.”

Williams says the first 90 days of her work at ACSA will focus on listening and building a strategy focused on what administrators and teachers need.

“We don’t have a learning problem, we have a doing problem,” she said. “We lack a system in which we can determine the effectiveness of equity-minded practices.” Over the next year, Williams will engage leaders and partners across the state around the idea of an Equity Scorecard.  The scorecard will help leverage district conversations and strengthened efforts to improve equity indicators for certain students.

Williams lived in Mississippi and was the first in her family to graduate high school and attend college. She obtained her master’s degree in multicultural education from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and serves as an adjunct professor in the master’s degree program at National University in San Diego. She’s held administrative roles with the San Bernardino City and Los Angles Unified School Districts, working as a vice principal, principal, and central office administrator.

“Growing up in the South limited my experiences with diversity; the move to California created a greater awareness and a realization that it will take a collaborative effort to embrace the equity work which lies in front of us.

“The passion and drive I have is to ensure that every student has access and equity to quality education and that lies within the fabric of who I am,” she said. “It’s time we reverse the trends of access, equity, and achievement for some students and not others.”

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