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January 22, 2018 Staff Writer

ACSA is the preeminent student advocacy organization. On campus, in our classrooms and in our communities, ACSA stands ready to provide students with the support they need. In some cases, the support they need extends past the normal school environment.

In 2017, ACSA stepped up in unprecedented ways that have carried over into 2018.

Through the Red Cross, ACSA members donated money to support the hurricane relief efforts in Florida and Texas. Then we took a step beyond that effort, sending clothes and school supplies to our three statewide offices for delivery to the impacted areas. Richard Carranza, an ACSA member now serving as superintendent at Houston Independent School District, said the support he received from ACSA was incredible.

Then ACSA went to work in California, providing supplies for students impacted by the massive wildfires this past fall. We even provided housing to students and families in desperate need of shelter.

Violence on campus can be a horrifying experience. When incidents took place on campuses, ACSA stepped up to provide support through resources, materials, and crisis assistance.

Right now, we’re working hard to gather books, whiteboards, technology, and portable classrooms for students in Montecito Union School District impacted by the massive mudslides. We’ve mobilized our leaders in Southern and Central California as a means of getting the students who’ve been under mandatory evacuation orders back into school.

We’ve come together, pitching in where possible to support one another. Ultimately, that support for members has meant support for students. I said when I took this position that ACSA would become the lead voice for students and education. We’re doing that on the policy and professional fronts.

We are the authoritative voice for students and public education. The work we do every day demonstrates administrators’ dedication to positive outcomes for students, one another and our communities.

Who is ACSA? ACSA is the more than 17,000 educational leaders who have prioritized student rights, who defend public education, and who support their colleagues. We may seem too big to ever embody a small community. But we’re a different organization. In the face of crisis, members are there for other members, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Thanks to all of you for your commitment to each other, and for our 6.2 million public school students.

- Wesley Smith, Executive Director

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