Budget proposal includes full LCFF implementation

January 19, 2018 Staff Writer

Governor Jerry Brown released his 2018 budget proposal on Thursday. ACSA analyzes what the proposal means for educators and how districts will face stricter transparency with LCAPs.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday released his budget proposal for fiscal year 2018-2019, which includes money earmarked for full LCFF implementation and the statewide System of Support.

The governor proposed the Proposition 98 guarantee at $78.3 billion and creates a $3 billion set aside for full LCFF implementation. If approved, LCFF would be fully funded two years early.

The proposal includes $1.8 billion in one-time funding, as well as additional monies to raise the state’s Rainy Day Fund to $13.5 billion.

“There’s an opportunity here before the governor leaves to set a trajectory, where do we go now that we’ve met funding targets,” said Edgar Zazueta, ACSA Senior Director of Governmental Relations. “We really feel the only way to protect the legacy of LCFF is put us on a pathway to increase the base grant or raise these funding targets so not only the new administration but also the legislature has a pathway to continue to grow resources for students.”


ACSA is conducting a deeper analysis into a proposal requiring districts to create a link between their local accountability plans and their budgets to show how increased funding is being spent to support English learners, students from low-income families, as well as youth in foster care.

For more information, read the full budget analysis from ACSA Governmental Relations.

Statement from ACSA Executive Director Wes Smith:

California’s public education system requires a budget framework that is diverse and appropriately represents the vast needs of our students statewide. As an organization focused on student advocacy and equity, ACSA recognizes the challenges ahead to meet the expectations of continuous improvement and the Statewide System of Support.

ACSA applauds Governor Brown for his commitment to the implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula. The Governor’s plan to fund the LCFF funding targets ahead of schedule is a significant first step in ensuring California students have the necessary resources to be successful. ACSA believes the budget is just part of the puzzle for growing the next generation of leaders. Providing equitable funding for low-performing districts, special education programs, as well as marginalized students, puts California on the path the strengthen pupil achievement, school climate, and pupil engagement.

California public educators are positioned to have an incredible impact on our students and ACSA aims to steward the process toward excellence.

ACSA sees the governor’s budget proposal as an opportunity to solidify a long-term funding plan for California schools. In order to solidify the legacy of equity and local control, our state’s policy makers must set goals to extend the funding targets and ensure that LCFF base funding is sufficient to meet all of our school’s growing fiscal commitments. We see an opportunity for growth and collaboration as we intend to work side-by-side with lawmakers to assemble a spending plan that fully meets the needs of California students.

Dr. Wesley Smith, ACSA Executive Director

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