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February 8, 2019 Staff Writer

Listen to the audio recording of the Feb. 4 ACSA Candidate Forum

Candidates for state ACSA officer elections participated in an online town hall on Feb. 4, moderated by ACSA Senior Director of Communications Naj Alikhan.

Charlie Hoffman, superintendent of Shasta-Trinity ROP/Bella Vista Elementary and current ACSA board member, is running unopposed for the office of Vice President. Hoffman was joined by Barbara Martinez, principal of Pacific Grove Adult Education in Pacific Grove USD and current ACSA board member, as well as Dennis Cole, director of Humanities for the Orange County Department of Education, both candidates for the office of Vice President for Legislative Action.

“This town hall provided each candidate with a unique opportunity to talk about their platform and the future of our organization,” said ACSA President Holly Edds.

“We believe there are creative ways for our candidates to get their information out to all 19 regions and members statewide in a way everyone can benefit,” Edds said. “I encourage everyone to access this because so much of what they have to say will shape ACSA.”

Elections of officers will take place at the ACSA Leadership Assembly on May 9.

Candidate Statements

Charlie Hoffman, superintendent, Shasta-Trinity ROP and Bella Vista ESD. Candidate for 2019-20 ACSA Vice President.

At our best, ACSA is a servant leader association of, and for, servant leaders.

I’ve been a proud ACSA member since 1997, I have worked in administrative leadership roles K-12 as a site principal/assistant principal for 10 years and as a superintendent for 12 years. I have represented ACSA Region 1 serving on the ACSA CTE Council, the Superintendency Council, and the State Board of Directors.

While our schools, collectively, are doing the most, and the best, for students that we’ve ever done, increasing expectations by employers require that ever more excellent instruction, equitable resource distribution, and skilled administrative leadership be provided to our students.  ACSA must continue the roles of being the premier source of educational legislative advocacy leadership, educational administrative leader professional development, district targeted assistance, and professional networking opportunities for the leaders that serve the students in California’s schools.

As an ACSA State Officer, it would be my honor to support the ACSA professional staff and to represent the ACSA membership as a listener and as communicator seeking to maximize the extent to which ACSA continues to excel in fulfilling these most important roles.

Barbara Martinez, principal, Pacific Grove Adult Education, Pacific Grove USD. Candidate for 2019-20 ACSA Vice President for Legislative Action.

With change comes opportunity.

Opportunity is knocking and it is time for ACSA to answer.

With Gavin Newsom as our new governor, ACSA leaders must unite and leverage resources to engage in quality discussions with state legislators. Our mission remains the same:  Ensuring that all students, TK-adult education, receive the best quality education.

Our beliefs, words and actions all matter, now more than ever.  ACSA is consistently and without hesitation at the head of the table regarding student advocacy.  We are experienced educational leaders, encompassing 19 regions, bound together through a common passion and purpose in serving the needs of our 6.3 million students every day.

Advocate. Captivate. Educate.

These are the pillars of my platform.

We must captivate our legislators with real stories representing the critical issues at the forefront in education (teacher shortages, expansion of preschool and kindergarten facilities, and special education services, to name a few).

We must educate legislators on the needs facing all TK-adult education students, regardless of race, religion, class and orientation.

We must advocate, through a unified voice, our solutions to these needs, tirelessly lobbying on behalf of all those who cannot lobby for themselves.

Let us work together for a brighter, safer and better future.

Dennis Cole, director of Humanities, Orange County Department of Education. Candidate for 2019-20 ACSA Vice President for Legislative Action.

I am honored and energized by the opportunity to serve as your State ACSA Vice President for Legislative Action. As a member of ACSA for almost 15 years, I have served on our region board for 10 years as Vice President for Legislative Action, Region 17 President, and many other positions.

I have taken part in more than 10 years of ACSA Legislative Action Days, leading teams of administrators to drive positive educational legislation through advocacy.

As county director of STEM and Humanities at the Orange County Department of Education, I have led numerous meetings with state and local leaders and lawmakers to improve education.

I have been a teacher, principal, and county director for 24 years, and have extensive knowledge of the curriculum, fiscal needs, and human resources that are required to develop excellent schools.

Beyond experience, the role of Vice President of Legislative Action requires proactive relationship building with state leaders, establishing trust that ACSA is the expert they can call anytime for advice and direction.

For many years, I have developed this critical rapport with leaders both locally and in Sacramento, and I will continue to do so as Vice President of Legislative Action.

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