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The new superintendents guide to community engagement

The Association of California School Administrators is the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the United States, serving more than 17,000 California educators.

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When you structure your exchange in such a way that it asks about your community's apprecia ons and concerns, you will get to see the range of opinions in your community in the context of their values. The loud voices that o en dominate your office or public mee ngs are put into perspec ve by seeing how many other people actually agree with those points of view. In this way, you also get to see some mes how small an extremely vocal special interest group might actually be. And Thoughtexchange also creates the poten al for empathy by allowing people to consider different perspec ves alongside their own as they assign stars in the Star step. Finally, because you can set custom criteria for modera on on all Advanced Exchanges, any thoughts that could be considered hur ul, rude or targeted at an individual can be flagged for modera on before being shared with the public. This func on is essen al for making sure your community's conversa on stays produc ve and inclusive. Conclusion When it comes to community engagement, there's no single solu on for public educa on leaders. It's really a puzzle and every piece has its place. You s ll need to have public mee ngs, establish commi ees, send out press releases and so on. Integra ng Thoughtexchange into your toolkit can be the key piece that brings all the others together to make them more produc ve and efficient. That's because Thoughtexchange lets you engage more people in a two-way discussion that allows both you and your community to learn what ma ers most to everyone. Having that knowledge can make your in-person engagement efforts more produc ve, because you can talk together about common interests instead of biased posi ons. Bringing people together for an interac ve online discussion with Thoughtexchange, learning what ma ers and using that informa on to create interest-based face-to-face engagements, paves the way for a strong rela onship with your community. That trust, combined with ac onable data from your exchange, provides the confidence and roadmap you need to lead the way forward with confidence. Hear more from our customers As you can probably tell from the quotes peppered throughout this paper, we like to tell the stories of how we help in the words of our customers whenever possible. With that in mind, we'll conclude with a quote from Dr. Quin n Shepherd. Be sure to check out the links to learn more about how we've helped Dr. Shepherd and Dr. David Vannasdall get off to great starts in their districts. We can say to the community, 'Not only did we hear you, not only did we respond to you and build a strategic plan around this, but you can literally find your own language in here to show the work that we're doing.' Thoughtexchange has allowed us to be truly responsive to our community. We're not just going to ask them for feedback, we're going to move on it, or not, and have a reason why. It has allowed us to make manifest the promises we've made. Thoughtexchange provides solu ons that bring people together, build trust and make progress on important topics. Whether it's staff, students, parents or whole communi es, we help you effortlessly connect with your stakeholders. People can confiden ally and independently share their thoughts and consider other points of view. Our patent-pending data analysis gives you the insights to make informed decisions and take ac on with confidence. Learn more at Copyright © 2018 Fulcrum Management Solu ons Ltd. Thoughtexchange ® is a registered trademark in Canada and the United States of Fulcrum Management Solu ons Ltd. The Thoughtexchange logo is a trademark of Fulcrum Management Solu ons Ltd in the United States and/or all other countries. 02/18 Read the story Watch the video

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