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Community Helpers Lesson Plan

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Construction Workers Community Helpers Description: Gather materials that will allow for you and your child to engage in pretend play to be a construction worker. Tell your child that you are going to play construction worker and watch this video. Find a hat and belt to dress up like a construction worker. Take some blocks or Legos and spend some time building. You can even draw out what you want first and then try to make it. You can also do this outside and do some digging in the dirt or sand. Materials: Blocks, Legos, measuring tape/ruler, shovel, play or real tools (small hammer, pliers) or be creative (pen for a drill, block for a hammer, etc.), hat, belt, drawing materials. Tips to Support: Speech Talk to your child about what a construction worker does (e.g. builds structures/buildings/bridges) and where they work (e.g. outside, construction site). Discuss the different structures a construction worker can build (buildings, houses, bridges, freeways/roads, etc.) Ask your child which structure they would want to build and why? Vocabulary to target: construction, build, hard hat, tools, dumptruck, crane, excavator. Discuss other items you might see at a construction site (e.g. tools, hard hats, gloves, dumptrucks, building frames, cranes, etc.) would you find these items in other places too? If so, where? Concepts: in, on, in front, next to, under, over, inside, high, low, on top Categories: Construction workers use many different tools and machines to help them build. How many tools can you name? How many machines can you name? PT Balance: Practice moving safely through the construction site, walk on a beam to get to the other side of the building (lay down tape on the floor to walk "heel-to-toe"), stand on one foot as you step up over a tall wall (can build one with blocks or just pretend), or balance a stack of blocks in your hand while standing super still. Repeated practice: Construction workers often repeat the same tasks over and over, but that's how people "build" a skill! Think about the skills that your child is working on such as crawling, walking, jumping, or kicking SPG COMMUNITY • © All Rights Reserved The Speech Pathology Group • Bright Path Therapists • Comprehensive Autism Center

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