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Community Helpers Lesson Plan

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Mail Carriers Community Helpers Description: Gather materials that will allow for you and your child to engage in pretend play to be a mail carrier. Tell your child that you are going to play mail carrier and watch this video. First, put address numbers around different parts of your house, then put together some mail to deliver with envelopes, stamps, & addresses, and your child can deliver the mail. You can even create special packages for other people in your home. AND/OR spend some time drawing pictures and writing letters to family and friends and mail them. Materials: envelopes, a bag/purse to carry mail, stickers or stamps for postage, pens/markers. Tips to Support: Speech Talk to your child about what a mail carrier does (e.g. delivers packages/mail to people) and where they work or where you may see them (e.g. at a post office / in your neighborhood). Vocabulary to target: mail, send, postoffice, carry, deliver, stamp, mailbox, envelope, sort, package Concepts: in, on, in front, next to, under, inside, outside, behind Compare and Contrast: Describe how an envelope and a box are the same (can put things in them, used to mail things). Tell some ways they are different (one is long, flat, white etc; one is brown, tall, square etc). What items can you send in a box? What type of items are better sent in an envelope? PT Sorting: Before delivering the mail, sort it based on where it's going into different bags or boxes. Place the boxes on a high surface so that your child has to reach up to sort each piece of mail. Heavy work: Keep your junk mail throughout the week to give your child lots of mail to lift and carry. This will increase the amount of work they have and help them to build strength. Place a couple of recycling bins around your home and tell your child to deliver the junk mail in them. OT Visual/Fine Motor: Have your child prepare an envelope for sending a letter! You can create a model, or show them a picture to explain what the different components are, and why they need to be there (e.g. stamp, addresses, seal, etc.). SPG COMMUNITY • © All Rights Reserved The Speech Pathology Group • Bright Path Therapists • Comprehensive Autism Center

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