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Community Helpers Lesson Plan

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Police Officers/Firefighters Community Helpers Description: Gather materials that will allow for you and your child to engage in pretend play to be a police officer or a firefighter. Let your child choose which they want to play and watch the corresponding video: Pollice Officer Video Your child can pretend to help someone in need (yourself or a stuffed animal), to give someone a ticket (walk too fast or too slow in the house and then can pretend to pull you over). You can also play red light/green light for a traffic game. Firefighter Video Your child can pretend to put out fires with their hose, save a stuffed animal from being stuck, and drive around in their firetruck. You can also play the hot/cold game to find something hidden. Materials: Police Officer: art supplies to make a badge, walkie talkie,and a ticket, blue clothing for a uniform, cardboard box if you want to make a police car, stuffed animal, a flashlight, red and green construction paper Firefighter: wrapping paper or paper towel tube to make a hose, red clothing for a uniform, cardboard box if you want to make a fire truck, stuffed animal Tips to Support: Speech Talk to your child about what a firefighter/police officer does (e.g. helps rescue people and/or put out fires, teach fire safety/helps people in need/protects people) and where they work or where you may see them (e.g. at a fire station/police station/ out in the community). Vocabulary to target: police officer, firefighter, sirens, firetruck, police car, badge, firehose, ladder, hat/helmet, partner, boots, alarm, emergency Compare and Contrast: Talk about ways a police officer and a firefighter are the same and different. Explain how a firetruck and police car are the same and different Concepts: fast, slow, dangerous, safe, loud, quiet, in, on , under, behind, above, on top, below Categories: Think of as many items as you can that a police officer and SPG COMMUNITY • © All Rights Reserved The Speech Pathology Group • Bright Path Therapists • Comprehensive Autism Center

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