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2021 Student Services and Special Education Legislation

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1 2021 STUDENT SERVICES & SPECIAL EDUCATION BILLS AB 4 (Arambula): Would expand Medi-Cal benefits to anyone, regardless of age and immigration status. AB 25 (Kiley): Repeals AB 5 regarding Independent Contractors. AB 27 (L. Rivas): Requires a LEA to ensure each school within the district identifies all homeless children and youth and unaccompanied youth enrolled at the school, administer annually a housing questionnaire for identifying homeless children and youth. AB 31 (Lackey): Establishes the Office of the Child Protection Ombudsman. AB 32 (Aguiar-Curry): Requires health care services provided by telehealth be reimbursed as in-person services on the same basis, at the same rate and at the same extent. AB 58 (Salas): Requires a LEA, or nor before June 1, 2022, to review and update its suicide prevent policies, revise the training materials, and incorporate best practices identified by the CDE on their model policies. AB 86 (Committee on Budget): Comprehensive school reopening legislation. Signed by the Governor. AB 92 (Reyes): Placeholder for legislation to alleviate the burden on low-income families for fees for pre-school, childcare and developmental services. AB 104 (Gonzalez): Requires LEAs to adopt policies allowing parents to request that students receive a pass or no pass instead of a letter grade in the 2020-21 school year. AB 126 (E. Garcia, O'Donnell and Quirk): Provides grants to increase Family Resource Centers in areas of the state where one is not located. Once all 32 regions of the state have a Family Resource Center in place. AB 234 (Ramos): Assists the implementation of AB 2112 (Ramos) which established the framework for the statewide OSP at DPH. The OSP is intended to centralize resources and strategies around suicide prevention and continue ongoing efforts to reduce suicide in California. AB 285 (Holden): Requires the CDE to appoint a state school nurse consultant to be housed within the department. AB 393 (Reyes): Placeholder for legislation to amend the Early Childhood Development Act of 2020 to reflect information impacting children in light of COVID-19.

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