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Attendance Accounting & Reporting LEAs will not have to collect and report ADA for the purposes of apportionment in FY 20-21 because they will be funded based on ADA reported in 19-20 P-2. They will, however, have to continue to keep track of attendance for CALPADS and annual auditing purposes. In addition, LEAs must maintain daily participation and weekly engagement records when providing distance learning. Daily participation for each student can be verified through a variety of methods, including: evidence of participation in online activities; completion of regular assignments; contact between LEA employee and student; or other methods determined by LEAs. Verification can be done on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. Despite the timing of verification, daily live interaction still must be completed everyday as part of distance learning. Students will also be considered absent an instructional day if they do not participate in distance learning for at least part of that day. Weekly engagement records indicate whether students receive synchronous or asynchronous instruction for all or part of distance learning. CDE has created a template that includes both daily participation and weekly engagement for LEAs' use. The template covers all items required by the audit guide and was designed to apply to the entire class; therefore a separate document would not be required for each student. LEAs, however, are welcome to modify the template or create their own. For more ideas, please see Attendance Accounting and Reporting' number 14. Further, teachers are still required to print and sign attendance reports. For in-person instruction, attendance reports should be signed weekly. Distance learning, on the other hand, can be signed weekly or bi-weekly. Digital signatures can be used if LEAs have been approved for digital signatures or other electronic certification processes. Audit Guide An audit penalty calculation will be assigned to LEAs that do not meet specific requirements by September 1, 2020. They are briefly described below. • Provide required number of instructional days. • Document daily participation for each student, for each school day, on which distance learning is provided. • Complete a weekly engagement record. • Document absences. • Develop written procedures for tiered reengagement strategies for students that are absent from distance learning for more than 3 school days or 60 percent of instructional days in a school week.

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