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If school/district learns of a confirmed case/cases involving a student/staff member before being contacted by public health, they should contact public health via the school hotline number. When contacting public health about a student, district should work with their legal counsel to ensure that FERPA* protocols are being followed. Public Health determines whether quarantine and testing is necessary based on length of exposure, number of people exposed, and closeness of contact. Public Health notifies school/district when it is safe to reopen the classroom or school, and school/district makes final determination when to reopen based on CDPH guidance (p. 2) COVID-19 Notification Process in the event of a case at school CONFIRMED POSITIVE CASE Call the Schools Public Health Hotline (shared with district superintendents & COVID -19 liaisons ) When an individual is confirmed to have COVID-19, Public Health will work with the individual/family to identify "close contacts." ** If the individual had close contacts at a school, the public health nurse contacts the school /district via the COVID-19 liaison. School/district supports contact tracing and follows FERPA protocol for students Where necessary, communicates information about quarantine of affected classes/ after school programs/bus cohorts to the affected groups Notifies general school community without disclosing personally identifiable information of students or staff Ensures proper cleaning of affected classrooms and common areas or the entire school campus before they are reopened Public Health works with COVID-19 Liaison to conduct contact tracing and notify exposed children/staff following FERPA protocol for student information. In consultation with Public Health, the appropriate school official may decide whether a class, school, or district closure is warranted, using the guidance provided by California Department of Public Health (CDPH) (p. 2) SUSPECTED/POSSIBLE CASE .............. ......... ............ ...... ........ ............ ............ If a student/staff member becomes ill at school with a fever or other COVID symptoms, minimize contact and isolate immediately. Anyone interacting with them must wear a mask, gloves, and other PPE as appropriate. The ill person should wear a mask and go to a dedicated room and be safely sent home as soon as possible. If symptoms are severe***, send person to a healthcare provider or call 911. Wait 24 hours before cleaning dedicated room. If a student/staff member becomes ill at home, they should NOT come to school. Staff should be accommodated or given sick leave. Ill students must continue to have access to instruction. Affected individual/family contacts doctor for evaluation, COVID-19 testing eligibility, and clearance to return to school. If unable to obtain medical clearance due to lack of health care, advise not to return to school until they have met district criteria or CDC criteria to discontinue home isolation. ................................ The public health department will contact the school if the individual is confirmed to have COVID-19, at which point the school will follow the "confirmed positive case" procedures outlined to the left. .... .... ..... .... ............ Sonoma County *FERPA (Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act) Protocol: If a school/district contacts public health regarding a student illness, they should work with their legal counsel to ensure that they follow proper FERPA protocols for student privacy. **Close Contact: For contact tracing, only "close contacts" will be notified by public health. This is defined as someone who has been exposed to the sick individual at a distance of six feet or less for more than 15 minutes, irrespective of face coverings. ***Severe Symptoms: Symptoms that would require immediate medical attention include: Trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion, inability to wake or stay awake, bluish lips or face. Page 1

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