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Reopening of SantaClaraCounty K12 Schools

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June 30, 2020 Page 5 considering the spectrum of differences across elementary, middle, junior high, and high school settings and the possibility of intermittent partial or full school closures (short-term or long- term) in the upcoming academic year. This document, therefore, was designed to provide clear direction while allowing schools appropriate flexibility based on their own constraints and resources. Section 1: Prevention Common public health strategies to reduce the risk of disease transmission in schools and other community settings include: (1) minimizing the number of people who come into contact with each other, (2) maximizing the physical distance between people, (3) reducing the time that people spend in close proximity to others, and (4) measures to minimize dispersion of droplets and aerosols (e.g., using face coverings and covering coughs and sneezes). Because the relative contribution of each of these measures in reducing the spread of COVID-19 is not yet clear, public health experts have generally recommended that they be used collectively where possible. These strategies may be easier or harder to implement in different age groups or settings. For example, a school may be able to ensure that younger elementary school students have fewer contacts by having students stay in one classroom, but young students may be less able to wear face coverings consistently or maintain physical distancing during age-appropriate social and educational activities. In contrast, high school students encounter more individuals in a typical school day but are likely to have greater ability to maintain physical distancing and to more consistently use face coverings. (See Figure 1.) For these reasons, the requirements, recommendations, and considerations for minimizing disease transmission on school campuses necessarily vary by age group.

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