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Reopening of SantaClaraCounty K12 Schools

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June 30, 2020 Page 15 4. School Events Requirements • For elementary schools: o Field trips, assemblies, and other gatherings are permitted if (1) students of different classroom cohorts do not mix and (2) classroom cohorts remain at least 25 feet apart from each other. • For middle schools/junior high schools and high schools: o Field trips, assemblies, and other gatherings will be permitted to the extent allowed under any applicable requirements for gatherings occurring in the community. • In all schools: o Attendance at school events should be limited to students and staff or those participating in a presentation only (no visitors). Recommendations • Maximize the number of school events that can be held virtually or outside. • Events involving on-campus visitors interacting with staff or students should be minimized. Section 2: Monitoring A. Health Screenings Health screenings refer to symptom screening, temperature screening, or a combination of both. Although temperature screening for COVID-19 has become a widespread practice in a variety of business and community settings, its limited effectiveness may be outweighed by potential harms. With respect to COVID-19, the CDC acknowledges that "fever and symptom screening have proven to be relatively ineffective in identifying all infected individuals." This is because people with COVID-19 can infect others before they become ill (pre-symptomatic transmission), some people with COVID-19 never become ill but can still infect others (asymptomatic transmission), and fever may not be the first symptom to appear. There are also several drawbacks and limitations to temperature screening including inaccurate results, potential risks to the personnel who are measuring temperatures, potential risks to screened populations, and significant logistical challenges and costs. Temperature screening may additionally lead to delays in the start of the school day and may also inadvertently increase risk of disease transmission if students congregate in long lines while waiting to be screened. For these reasons, temperature screening is not a requirement for schools.

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