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Reopening of SantaClaraCounty K12 Schools

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June 30, 2020 Page 11 B. Hygiene Measures 1. Face Coverings Requirements • Teachers and staff o All adults must wear a cloth face covering at all times while on campus, except while eating or drinking. o Staff excluded from this requirement are those that require respiratory protection according to Cal/OSHA standards. • Students o All students (transitional kindergarten through 12 th grade) are required to wear cloth face coverings: while arriving and departing from school campus; in any area outside of the classroom (except when eating, drinking, or engaging in physical activity); 1 while waiting for or riding on a school bus. o Elementary school students should be encouraged, but are not required, to wear a cloth face covering within their stable classroom cohort. o Middle school/junior high school and high school students must use cloth face coverings when in the classroom even if they are in a stable classroom cohort. o Students excluded from face covering requirements include: (1) anyone who has trouble breathing or is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the covering without assistance and (2) students with special needs who are unable to tolerate a face covering. • Post signage in high visibility areas to remind students and staff of (1) when and where face coverings are required and (2) appropriate use of face coverings. • Communicate with all staff and families regarding expectations for use of face coverings at school and how to wash face coverings. • Educate students, particularly younger elementary school students, on the rationale and proper use of face coverings. Recommendations • Do not exclude students from the classroom if they occasionally fail to wear a face covering, or if a few students in the classroom are consistently unable to wear a face covering, when required. The small increase in risk of disease transmission does not justify classroom exclusion, but students without face coverings should maintain physical distance to the extent feasible. • If a student or staff experiences difficulty wearing his/her face covering, allow the individual to remove his/her face covering for a short period of time.

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