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appropriate social distancing. Separate rooms may be utilized to provide small group and individualized services. Staffing: The Center will be managed by the Principal of each school site. Staff not assigned to teach a distance course and those who do not have other assigned duties during school closure may be utilized to support PAUSD+ participants. The principal will determine how staff are utilized to best support the safe and efficient management of the student support center and its participants. Each Center will include at least one general education teacher and support from the assigned special education program specialist. Principals may also arrange the schedule so that teachers rotate in and out of the Center. Transportation: Transportation will be provided to VTP students and students with disabilities who have transportation provisions in the IEP. Depending on the number of students requiring transportation, bus schedules may need to be staggered to ensure proper social distancing. Meals: Students will be served breakfast and lunch daily. Students who do not qualify for free/reduced price meals will be charged the regular rate. Establishing Eligibility: The Coordinator of Student and Family Engagement and Coordinators of Special Education will work with site leadership to certify eligibility for each student. Students eligible for PAUSD+ will receive an invitation and commitment form for the parents to complete. The commitment form secures a seat in PAUSD+. Students are not required to attend. However, if a student signs up and fails to attend, he/she may be replaced by a student on the waiting list. Student attendance will be taken and shared with the parent and classroom teacher. A note on Students with Disabilities If the IEP Team determines that the provision of FAPE cannot be met in a distance learning environment, students with disabilities may receive services during Center hours with a properly credentialed education specialist. Specialized classrooms for students with disabilities may be established to accommodate the needs of students requiring specialized academic instruction in an individual or small group format. ANTICIPATED STUDENT OUTCOMES The primary goal of PAUSD+ is to provide a safe and quiet space for students to work. However, the additional support that will be offered during the day will have the added benefit of increasing student engagement stemming from individualized attention from caring adults invested in student learning. Center staff are able to redirect attention, keep learners on task, encourage and support as well as serve as a point of contact for concerns at the school level. This in turn increases the likelihood that students will complete work in a timely manner and get assignments in on time. The increase in on- task behaviors may also allow students time to complete assignments that may not have been completed during the scheduled on-campus day. Center staff will also be

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