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PAUSD+ Student Support Center Grades 6-12 Increasing Access to Learning and Support during COVID-19 PURPOSE AND GOALS OF PAUSD+ The PAUSD+ Student Support Center is an extension of the regular school program that directly addresses the needs of students determined to be at higher risk for poor learning outcomes and/or face unique challenges (homelessness, foster care, safety concerns). The Center is a location designed to offer students a place to get academic support during the days that are designated as distance learning days. In addition, the Center will offer a variety of learning supports to increase student engagement in the learning process. ELIGIBLE STUDENTS Students eligible to participate in PAUSD+ are in grades 6-12 and identified based on data from the 2019-2020 school year and the previous year's academic performance. Historically underrepresented (HUR) and socioeconomically disadvantaged (SED) students will receive priority placement. In addition, the principal/school counselor may recommend students based on one or more of the following criteria: • Students with a history of difficulty in school (e.g. failing 2 or more subjects) • Students with documented academic difficulty during school closure (more than one No Credit in a core subject) • Students already referred for case management support through SaFE Specialists • Students with limited or no means to internet • Students who are unable to access the work independently due to significant reading deficits • Students with safety and/or supervision concerns • Students with disabilities who cannot be provided with FAPE through distance learning • Students with language barriers PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Leadership and Oversight: Under the direct supervision of the Director of Academic Supports and Director of Special Education, the Coordinator of Student and Family Engagement and Coordinators of Special Education will serve as the district lead for all PAUSD+ Student Support Centers. Coordinators will be responsible for approving eligibility and working with the principal to resolve any issues that arise. Center Hours and Location: PAUSD+ will be open from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday and will be available at each secondary school site to ensure that all students identified as needing support are able to benefit. The site location may be the Gym, Library, or other large open space that can accommodate students with the

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