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Leadership Manual 2020-2021

The Association of California School Administrators is the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the United States, serving more than 17,000 California educators.

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Association of California School Administrators WAYS TO STRENGTHEN REGION COMMITTEES/COUNCILS One of the goals of state committees/councils should be to strengthen region committees/ councils. Listed below are a variety of ideas which may assist you. These are not listed in priority order. 1. State committee/council member normally to serve as region committee/council representative. 2. Region committees/councils to have representation from each charter. 3. Region committee/council representative to serve on region board of directors or to report at least every other meeting of the region board of directors. 4. Region committees/councils working in cooperation with region program chair to plan special region or co‐region meetings, programs, or workshops. 5. Region committee/council representative working in cooperation with region program chair to plan "job‐alike" topics for at least a part of region meetings. These meetings might have a speaker or discussion group to share new materials, ideas, problems. 6. Use region committees/councils for input on critical issues, i.e. state department goals, tasks under consideration by state committees/councils, Board of Directors, undeveloped needs or problems, etc. 7. Consideration of a special publication or other bulletin (for region and/or program chair) on alternative ways committees/councils function in regions. 8. Some form of written report in every issue of region and/or charter newsletter whenever possible. 9. Develop effective two‐way communication between state committee/council and region committee/council. 10. The ACSA staff has identified and developed workshops that could be made available for region use. The ACSA staff is also an excellent source of information on various topics of interest. 11. State committees/councils could identify professional learning topics for state or regions or charters to conduct for members. 12. Region committee/council representative to distribute a condensation of state and region activities via region newsletter or special bulletins to all job‐alike types of personnel. 95

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