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Leadership Manual 2020-2021

The Association of California School Administrators is the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the United States, serving more than 17,000 California educators.

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BYLAWS ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS — 1 — ARTICLE I Name, Principal Office, Purposes and Restrictions 1.01 Name. The name of the association is Association of California School Administrators, a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation (ACSA). 1.02 Principal Office. The Board of Directors (board) shall determine the location of the principal office of the association. 1.03 Purposes. The purposes of ACSA are to promote the advancement of education by: (a) Improving the educational process by helping members become more effective in their various roles as educational leaders. (b) Creating the resources that will enable California school administrators to develop and apply creative leadership and management. (c) Providing programs specifically designed to relate the association's activities to students, their needs and problems at all levels, preschool through adult education. (d) Advancing education by sponsoring research and investigation. (e) Meeting the needs of members by providing a single organization to represent those needs to the other publics with whom school administrators interact. (f) Disseminating information about the school administrator's profession through a communications system of publications, conferences and various field services, local, state and federal public relations. (g) Cooperating and working with teachers, students and the public so that the needs of learners and the community may be best served. 1.04 Restrictions. All policies and activities of the association shall be consistent with: (a) Applicable federal, state and local antitrust and trade regulation laws; (b) Applicable tax‐exemption requirements including the requirements that the association not be organized for profit and that no part of its net earnings inure to the benefit of any private individual; and 19

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