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Leadership Manual 2020-2021

The Association of California School Administrators is the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the United States, serving more than 17,000 California educators.

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Association of California School Administrators 2018‐2021 ACSA STRATEGIC PLAN Adopted by the ACSA Board of Directors 7/25/18 Key Result Area: MEMBER DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT Issue: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Objective: Provide engaging, career‐long leadership development opportunities for all members. By 2021: A. A strategy has been developed to identify and support personal and professional leadership development along a career pathway – from pre‐certification through retirement. B. Implementation of supports at each career stage is underway. C. A focus on leadership skills (including advocacy/influence and equity) has been integrated into all professional development offerings. D. A system is in place that leverages the collective expertise of members to support development of leadership in others. Issue: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – CONTENT Objective: Ensure the content of ACSA professional development offerings remains relevant to changing member needs and professional issues. By 2021: E. A system is in place to regularly update the content of ACSA professional development offerings that includes input from members. F. ACSA has expanded use of experts from the field to provide members just‐in‐time learning opportunities to address current and emerging issues and challenges. G. ACSA partners with other education‐focused organizations to meet member needs for learning in areas that supplement ACSA expertise. Issue: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – DELIVERY/REINFORCEMENT Objective: Improve member access to convenient, ongoing development opportunities that reflect the latest trends in professional learning. By 2021: H. ACSA members have access to a wide range of delivery formats to learn in the manner and at the pace preferred. I. ACSA has explored and tested strategies to reinforce learning and support members in applying and demonstrating knowledge acquired. J. Members are recognized when they gain new competencies and reach new professional development milestones. 15

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