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Leadership Manual 2020-2021

The Association of California School Administrators is the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the United States, serving more than 17,000 California educators.

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Association of California School Administrators STATE COMMITTEE/COUNCIL OPERATING PROCEDURES 1. Committees/councils are free to expend their budgets as they see fit so long as they remain in budget, their actions/expenditures do not violate policy or procedures, and their actions/ expenditures are within the board‐approved council bylaws and committee/council goals and purposes. Budgets are generally based upon three committee/council meetings times, average travel, lodging, and meal amount times the number of committee/council members plus added amounts for copying, postage, supplies, and facilities, with a few exceptions. 2. Committees/Councils may engage in any activity not contrary to policy. Pertinent Policies: ● Only the board can establish ACSA positions and take positions on behalf of ACSA. (Article V, Bylaws) ● Only the leadership assembly, Legislative Policy Committee and the board can establish legislative positions. (Article IV, V, Bylaws) ● Only the board can recommend nominees for state boards and commissions. (Policies and Procedures — Section 3, 3.12) ● No committee/council can pay dues to any other organization without board approval. (Policies and Procedures — Section 1) 3. Legislative, State Board, or Commission testimony: A. If a committee/council member is requested to testify, advise the president or the executive director, determine ACSA's position and discuss the position to be represented with the Senior Director of governmental relations. If testifying in support of an ACSA position be identified as a representative of the X committee/council of ACSA. Expenses may be covered by the committee's/council's budget. B. If a committee/council member is contacted by an official regarding ACSA's position or the committee's/council's position, respond as accurately as possible. Afterwards, advise the president or executive director of the conversation. C. If a committee/council member testifies on any issue on which ACSA has no position, testify as an individual, not as an ACSA representative. No expenses will be reimbursed. 114

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