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Leadership Manual 2020-2021

The Association of California School Administrators is the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the United States, serving more than 17,000 California educators.

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Association of California School Administrators RESPONSIBILITIES OF COMMITTEE/COUNCIL STAFF LIAISON Committee/Council Liaisons: Support and Communications A vital element of ACSA's vision is to become increasingly influential and indispensable as the premier organization for educational leaders in California. ACSA committees/councils represent the leading edge "expert" groups working on behalf of the larger ACSA membership. These "expert" groups are comprised of representatives who are leaders in their regions. Service on ACSA committees/councils is a high profile opportunity for members to be at the forefront of statewide leadership in advocacy, professional development, service, collaborative networking, and product development in their area of focus. ACSA Committee/Council Liaisons (formerly known as staff executives) are expected to function in the role of "executive director" guiding, cultivating, and supporting the important work of the group. The Liaison has the responsibility to provide consistent, purposeful, focused, forward‐thinking leadership to the group's rotating membership and leadership structure. Specifically, the Liaison, while promoting the independently meaningful and powerful contributions of the committee/council, also provides the "link" to the larger statewide organization, ensuring that the group's work: ● Exemplifies the values, beliefs, mission and vision of ACSA; ● Recognizes and supports relevant ACSA Board goals; and ● Complements and connects to the work of other committees/councils to promote the success and growth of public education in California. The Liaison's function is to go far beyond providing necessary but routine support in making meeting arrangements and fostering inter‐group communication. The Liaison's primary calling is to broaden, enrich, and develop the committee/council's capacity to make a positive and lasting impact on leadership, teaching, and learning in California. The ACSA Committee/Council Liaison is assigned to provide support and a communications link with the rest of the organization. The Liaison is expected to: ● Actively participate and be fully present at all regular committee/council meetings and provide leadership and support to the chair/president in establishing the committee/council's goals. o Ensure that the committee/council is engaged in producing something of value— supporting, advancing and guiding the growth and capacity of those they represent. o Actively cultivate and reinforce a positive, active, collaborative professional committee/council culture. ● In the case of Councils, ensure that the Bylaws are reviewed annually and that the Council faithfully adheres to its Bylaws. 110

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