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2020-21 State Budget Webinar Q&A

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8 | P a g e Q: We need advocacy to change the due date for the plan. It states it needs two public Board meetings for approval and we need stakeholder engagement, how do we get this all done when we are focused on reimagining our schools and solving logistics at beginning of year. It is just too tight? Will this date 9/30 be able to be revisited? A: It is a tight timeframe and we will work with policy makers to ensure that they understand that in order to provide LEAs more time to complete the process. Q: Any clarification on busing students - social distance etc.? A: The budget does not provide any further clarification on social distancing but we are continuously working to secure more information. Q: Is the State at this time thinking that perhaps an August opening may not be possible with the rising of cases? A: The state is encouraging LEAs to offer in-person instruction as much as possible, but understand that each community may be different and have included some flexibility in the budget. Q: What is the time period specified for digital learning? A: The budget provides ADA flexibility for LEAs to utilize distance learning, with some construct, for the 2020-2021 school year in order to meet the minimum requirements for instructional minutes offered during a school day and instructional days offered in the school year. Q: Where can we find the Continuity of Learning plan? A: Details of the Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan can be found in SB 98/AB 77 sec. 43509. (link) Q: Does a district providing distance learning have to provide Internet to all families? A: No, a district does not have to provide internet to families but would have to confirm that students have adequate connectivity and devices in order to participate in distance learning.

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