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2020-21 State Budget Webinar Q&A

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2 | P a g e Q: Impact of AB77? Districts cannot choose Distance Learning only unless we have a health officer order? A: The intent is that a district not go full DL without cover from the county office of education. DL in a hybrid model is currently applicable to all based on state guidance. Q: For clarity, we are still held to minimum instructional days, but minutes requirements are waived A: Correct. 180 days remains. Minimum instructional minutes requirement is waived. Q: So, the 10% cap on independent study is waived if the number of those medically at risk exceed 10%, right? A: We are working on a potential waiver to lift the cap, should it be needed. Q: The time period of expenses for COVID Relief Funds is 3/1/20 to 12/30/20 - crossing two fiscal years. How will we reimburse ourselves for 2019/20 expenses (3/1 - 6/30) if we don't get the funds until 20/21 fiscal year? Do we set up a receivable? A: Good question. Budget doesn't specify. We'll look into this and track down the answer. Q: Parents have a choice to self-quarantine their children? A: As AB 77 is written, yes, "distance learning may be offered ... for pupils ... who are self-quarantining because of exposure to COVID-19." We read "exposure" to mean "prevention of potential exposure." Q: Will how will the SPED funds be allocated? Is there a specific allocation per pupil count? A: The Budget provides $545 million to equalize SPED base rate funding up to $625 per ADA. SELPAs currently receiving more than $625 per ADA will be "held harmless" at their 2019-20 levels. Funding will be distributed to SELPAs based on the highest ADA of current year, prior year or second most recent prior year. Q: Another question, the Classified Layoff limitation has been characterized as Cafeteria, Transportation, and Custodial. Does Custodial include Facility Management staff (e.g. gardeners, electricians, etc.) ... Also, what is the extension of audit deadlines? Is the whole audit timeline pushed back? A: The budget language does not state the positions who are included in each position. Do you have your gardeners under your custodial? Statute is vague and likely will result in your working it out locally. Purpose argued is for cleaning and school safety.

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