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2020-21 State Budget Webinar Q&A

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2020-21 State Budget Webinar Q&A Q: Hello! Can you clarify how districts will be funded that have planned growth for next year? Our schools are expanding by one grade level every year until we reach capacity in a few years. I am concerned that funding based on 19-20 ADA will actually be harmful for us. A: We will discuss the ADA features but we acknowledge there is a major problem with the hold harmless for LEAs that are growing. We are working with other statewide partners to get this addressed in clean up legislation. Q: Can you please clarify the penalties for non-compliance with daily attendance and participation requirements? A: It is our understanding that the penalties have not been amended. Q: What will happen if the federal government does not pass the HEROs act? Is California positioning itself on the edge of the ultimate Fiscal Cliff while bearing with the Mother of All Deferrals? A: The state will have difficult decisions to make if the federal funding does not come to CA. Next year's budget will likely be worse for schools. Q: The distance learning restrictions are sure to cause a great deal of difficulty for districts. We cannot open fully and socially distance. A: As we will discuss, the state is definitely signaling that in-person instruction should be the default. With that said, there will be the ability for districts to offer DL as long as they are able to work with their county health office and make the case for why DL is necessary. The language is confusing and we have been working hard getting clarity. We will be asking for some clarifying language on this. Q: what exactly does a deferral mean?? A: State does not allocate LCFF apportionment funds to districts when supposed to and instead makes payments at later date. Presents cash flow issues for districts, particularly given the amount of what's included in the budget. Q: Did you say that the $2.9 billion based on the suppl and concentration needs to be spent by December 30th? Is this correct? A: Correct.

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