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ACSA's School Reopening Planning Group identified several scheduling modalities that could be used to keep students, educators, and staff safe and healthy, meeting physical distancing requirements. The list is not exhaustive. Some districts, especially unified school districts, will likely employ combinations of modalities to meet the diverse needs of different student ages/grade levels. Please see the full report for additional detail and analysis. Scheduling Modalities Modality Overview General Resources "Looping" Keeps students with the same teacher for the 2020-2021 school year that they were during the 2019-2020. Useful Schedule Libraries Reimagining Time In School For All Students CDC Considerations for Schools Looping Teachers AASA In the Loop: Students and Teacher Progressing Together A/B Block Scheduling Bi-weekly Rotation (High School) CCEE Playbooks: Schedules Elementary Face-to-Face and Secondary Distance Learning Elementary students could start school first and attend four full days a week, spread out across several sites (e.g., Elementary and Middle), while simultaneously, secondary students could complete/continue with distance learning. A/B Week Half of the student population reports to school for four full days each week, while the other half of the school population participates in distance learning at home. The student population then alternates between each week. At-Risk Rotation Classes broken up into 3 groups coming in once a week on different days with 4th and 5th day used for intensive groups (Tier 2 and 3 students). One-Day Rotation Students report to school one full day a week at all levels (e.g., Elementary, Middle and High) for four days and are provided assignments to support their learning on the days in which they do not report to school. One day is used for teacher planning and professional learning. Two-Day Rotation The same approach as One-Day Rotation, however, all students report to school two full days a week (e.g., Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/ Friday). Start School Early Reduce summer time off for students – students would begin school earlier in the summer than a traditional school calendar. Extended School Days In the afternoon, the student school day is extended beyond the normal school dismissal schedule. In the morning, the student school day is extended by including an earlier start time. Grade band phase-in: Incremental Student Return Based on Grade Returning students to in-person school by grade with younger students starting first to allow for social distancing (i.e., Elementary students will return to school first, for a week, middle school students would report the second, and high school would report the third week). The ACSA School Reopening Planning Group's full report provides a Call to Action, scenario planning tools, and an extensive set of recommendations.

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