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Education Coalition May Revision Letter - May 2020

The Association of California School Administrators is the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the United States, serving more than 17,000 California educators.

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EDUCATION COALITION POSITION PAPER: 2020-21 STATE BUDGET 6 parents keeping their kids home out of caution. In addition, existing attendance accounting requirements are incompatible with the need to claim funding for services provided through a combination of classroom-based and distance learning options. It is critical to schools that the Legislature provide a temporary ADA hold harmless through the 2020-21 school year with continued stakeholder engagement with school officials, until a vaccine is available and made widely accessible. We support a thoughtful process for moving to enrollment-based funding when Prop 98 funding is restored and if local educational agencies with high attendance are held harmless. • Instructional Time Requirements. The Education Coalition supports providing temporary flexibility around the adoption of trailer bill language to temporarily suspend the instructional year and instructional minutes requirements for local education agencies to accommodate distance learning. Current requirements were designed for face-to-face classroom activities. The COVID-19 pandemic has required schools to pursue education settings through distance learning and social distancing environments which are not compatible to these current law requirements. We would like to see continued commitment from the Legislature and stakeholders to prioritize equity by providing resources to all students. • Executive Purchasing Power for Personal Protective Equipment [PPE]. Schools need adequate PPE for students and staff to reopen. The Education Coalition asks the state to use its purchasing power and existing contracts to purchase PPE for schools with non-Proposition 98 funding in order to mitigate district by district procurement competition that states experienced at the beginning of this pandemic. Sincerely, The Education Coalition

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