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Contains resources from school districts and public health agencies.

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Copyright © 2020, Flippen Group. All rights reserved. Do not redistribute. Powered by Flippen Group Capturing Kids' Hearts ® The Leaders Reality By: Flip Flippen We have all seen crises. We have seen the effects of tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, drought, and the list goes on. Many of us have experienced them up close and personal. We have seen the long- term impact of economic losses, market downturns, and global collapse, as witnessed during the global financial crisis. Times like these cause us to look inward to renew our commitment to family, faith and caring for those less fortunate than us. Like many of you, I have watched the videos over and over from many of these phenomena, captivated by the destructive power of nature and the unfolding events that defy belief. But, as odd as it may sound, the event "itself" is not what leaders look at for very long. The overwhelming sense of awe and wonder at these events is powerful but it doesn't address what needs to be done. This is where leaders live.... we think about what we can do and how fast we can do it. We think about what we can do NOW. We don't have the luxury of time to sit and watch things unfold. The position we hold and our unique skill sets allow us to think past the event, past the drama, past the catastrophic impacts of nature or disease or economics. We are wired to look to the future.... always to the future. What's next? What can we do to be prepared for what's coming? What lies around the corner and down the road? We may grieve the moment, but we can't allow ourselves to live there. We were not made to simply experience events, we were made to define the future. The current events impact us all but our focus is not the's the future and our future is defined by our purpose. How do we anticipate what's coming? How do we prepare for recovery?...for rebuilding?...for the needs to come? How do we do everything in our power to see that we are better as a result of the event rather than destroyed by it? Some are using this crisis to capitalize on for personal gain, fame or success. Crises are not to be capitalized on for any reason. Crises are to be met head-on, knowing we will be better for it. If we think back on history, plagues have led to global vaccines, wars have led to alliances and trade partners, economic struggles have led to efficiencies. Every crisis has a lasting impact and it's up to leaders to find the best way to rebuild, innovate, and come up with solutions, relationships, ideas, and opportunities that will make our world better. I have dear friends that are truly suffering at this very moment and my heart aches for them. I'm not minimizing any of the immense damage that these things do to us and our neighbors, but we have to look at what can be done and not just what is happening to us. We have to see around the corner.....and then down the road. We will meet this challenge and come out stronger from the experience. We will turn the corner. The real question is what lies down the road and how do we pave that road so that it takes us to a better place. Our foundation is strong and people even stronger. We will rise to meet the challenges before us. The Capturing Kids' Hearts team has been committed to those we serve for over 30 years. That commitment will not waver. Through adversity, we will rise to even greater heights.

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