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CASP Covid-19 Assessment Position Paper

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CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGISTS POSITION PAPER April 9, 2020 3 Are you effectively utilizing your multi-disciplinary team members (i.e. delegating aspects of the assessment plan)? Are you able to complete collaborative report writing using online technology (i.e. learned during shelter in place)? When a district's shelter in place policy has been lifted and school psychologists can conduct in- person assessment with students again, we recommend that the school psychologist consult with district/school administrators to determine assessment priority. Some considerations: 1. Complete/finish any signed initial and triennial assessments. 2. Begin initial assessments of students whose school staff recognize there is an urgent need as soon as possible. 3. Begin assessments of students who come from outside of the district and who, based on their current IEPs, do not appear to be appropriately placed. 4. Review any initial assessment plans that were in development prior to shelter in place, including preschool transition evaluations that had been put on hold (in order of birthday - oldest child first). 5. Complete triennials in order of due date (oldest past due is first). 6. Question: What happens to timelines once schools are back in session? We are very concerned with the backlog of testing (and therefore incomplete assessments and delayed initial and triennial IEPs) and getting them done within the existing timelines. Some of us were understaffed prior to the crisis, so this will definitely exacerbate the problem. Answer: CASP's executive committee is also very concerned and taking this issue up within the state hierarchy. CASP is making the recommendation that during and after this pandemic (and future disasters impacting LEAs for lengthy periods of time) the authorities extend timelines. The US Department of Education has reminded us all that while they do not have the authority to change IDEA, the states have the ability to amend this section of Ed Code. In conclusion please remember to stay safe and take care of your physical and mental health. California Association of School Psychologists Author: James Hiramoto, Ph.D. Editors and Reviewers: Amy Balmanno, MS, NCSP, LEP 3747, Secretary/Treasurer California Association of School Psychologists; Brent Duncan, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of School Psychology, Humboldt State University; Brian Leung, Ph.D., Loyola Marymont University; Maureen Schroeder, MA, LEP, Elk Grove Unified School District; Jeannine Topalian, Psy.D., LEP, CASP President-Elect Approved by the CASP Board of Directors April 9, 2020

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