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San Benito USD Distance Learning Plan

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SBHSD Distance Learning Plan We would like to start off by reminding our SBHS families that our school closure remains a fluid situation and our District will be adjusting and/or extending the school closure based on the available information from the California Department of Education (CDE), Governor's Office and Public Health Department. In an effort to promote best practices in preventing exposure to COVID-19, we encourage our families to continue following the steps that have been provided to us by various agencies such as physical distancing, washing hands with soap and water, frequently cleaning and disinfecting touched surfaces, avoid touching face, etc. Below are web addresses to the various agencies providing guidance. ➔ County of San Benito Public Health: ➔ State of CA: ➔ CA Dept. of Public Health: This plan outlines how San Benito High School will provide distance learning opportunities to students during this period of extended closure. It is not intended to address every potential instructional need. It uses the term "Distance Learning" because neither the District nor the community is positioned to offer a fully online curriculum. At best, distance learning opportunities can offset learning loss and help students focus on the essential knowledge and skills they will need to be successful when they are able to re-engage in a full educational program, whether that be weeks or months away. The distance learning opportunities may include virtual lessons, resources for self-directed study, or work assignments for skills development. Week 1: March 30 - April 3 ➔ Teachers have the discretion of moving forward with their curriculum ➔ The primary focus will include the following: establishing norms for a distance learning community, providing opportunities for student engagement, forming routines, figuring out technology access/skills, preventing skill regression, and the introduction of new concepts. ➔ Please note, student work and assignments during Week 1 shall not have an influence on a students' grade. SBHS continues to believe that providing accurate and timely feedback to students is imperative to student learning. We encourage teachers to provide students with opportunities for relearning and reassessment that can occur in multiple forms, such as another assessment similar to the first, oral discussion with the teacher, or another method that is mutually agreeable between the teacher and student. April 6 - April 10: Spring Break In the event of an extension of our school closure beyond April 13 ➔ Guidance related to grading and attendance shall be re-evaluated and communicated to families. ➔ Whichever grading system we apply to distance learning, it shall allow a student to improve their current semester grade, but not lower the grade. Rev. 3.25.20

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