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COVID-19 RESOURCE CENTER RESOURCES ON ONLINE LEARNING © 2020 Hanover Research 1 Introduction In light of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, districts across the country are exploring options for expanding online learning opportunities for students as a way to ensure access to lessons and educational materials during extended school closures. To support districts in exploring online learning options, Hanover Research (Hanover) prepared the following research review. This review includes links to prior Hanover reports as well as recent resources examining outcomes of online learning and best practices for implementing online learning. To provide districts with the most up-to-date information, this report draws on publicly available resources published since 2015. Reports from the Hanover Research Library Report Summary Best Practices for Flexible Instructional Days October 2019 This brief reviews best practices for implementing flexible instructional days, also known as e-learning, virtual learning, and remote school days. The brief identifies common challenges districts and schools face as well as potential solutions. Additionally, the brief identifies examples of districts and schools that have implemented flexible instructional days. Best Practices in Building a Digital Learning Environment August 2017 This report provides best practices to support strategic planning for a variety of digital learning initiatives. The report includes resources on planning for 1:1 device environments, personalized learning, and digital learning platforms. Effective Models for K-12 Virtual Schools January 2017 This report examines the benefits and drawbacks of K-12 virtual schools. The report highlights trends in virtual school education as well as the research base regarding online learning and student outcomes. Finally, the report profiles four prominent virtual school vendors that provide comprehensive virtual school curricula that can be tailored by districts. Best Practices in K-12 Online and Hybrid Courses August 2015 This report outlines best practice approaches in high-quality online courses for K- 12 students, profiles exemplary district-level online programs, and details the elements of the online learning options offered to secondary students. Review of Web Accessibility and Compliance Standards December 2019 To support districts in reviewing web content accessibility for public- and internal- facing communication, this document reviews federal standards and specific requirements for K-12 districts for web accessibility, as well as recent changes in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

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