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EPA Air Quality

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Air Quality Index Where can I get more information? For information and resources about air quality, visit the AIRNow Web site at ere you can: • Access maps and information on air quality in your area. Find out how to protect your health and how to reduce air pollution. • Sign up for EnviroFlash (, a free service that will alert you via e-mail when air quality in your area is forecast to be a concern. • Download the App to see the air quality for your area on your smartphone or tablet. • Access brochures, movies, games, and other air quality educational resources for adults and kids. • Visit Air Compare (, where you can compare the air quality of U.S. cities and find out about air quality trends in your area. • Access Web cameras that provide real-time pictures of visibility at many locations across the United States. • Access training and tools. If you are a health care provider, teacher, or weathercaster, you can use these resources to help adults and children understand how air pollution affects their health and how they can protect their health. 11

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