ACSA's Principal for a Day Event

ACSA is embarking on a new form of advocacy that involves contacting members from the California Congressional Delegation and requesting their participation to serve as “Principal for a Day” at some of our local schools. This activity will occur during National Principals Month, October 1-31, 2019.

Your Congressional representative will be asked to participate and matched with a constitute of the congressional member.  We want each congressional member to have the opportunity to visit classrooms to witness the teaching and learning dynamics between students and teachers, perform selected administrative tasks, engage with students and staff, and get updated on current issues affecting public education. Most importantly, this activity provides opportunities for principals and other administrators to build, refine and strengthen relationships with their congressional representative.

If you or another school administrator would be interested in hosting a person from Congress to serve as a “Principal for a Day” at your facility, please sign up now.  ACSA will attempt to match a representative with each participating principal.

If you are interested in gaining a better understanding of what this event involves, you can find out more at Glendale Educational Foundation - Principal For A Day

Contact Adonai Mack, Senior Director of Federal Relations, at (916) 329-3821 or Kristy Tinsley, Legislative Assistant for assistance in scheduling and coordination.

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