School superintendents agree: AB 751 is an equity game changer

August 9, 2019 Staff Writer

Legislation would give all students access to college entrance exams for free during the school day

AB 751 would require the Superintendent of Public Instruction to approve one or more nationally recognized high school assessments for which a local education agency could administer in lieu of the 11th grade Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment Consortium assessment.

Superintendent Rosanna Mucetti - Napa Valley Unified School District

“AB 751 addresses the college opportunity gap that plagues our California school systems by opening doors to higher education for students through the offering of college entrance tests like the SAT or ACT during the school day at no cost to students.”

“I have seen firsthand how important these tests are to the future of our students and how vital it is to make them as easily accessible as possible to historically underserved student populations.”

Superintendent Cindy Marten - San Diego Unified School District

“The SAT and the ACT are content-based exams that the overwhelming majority of reputable colleges and universities use to assess a student’s college readiness. We should be providing more students with access to these exams during the school day for free so that going to their preferred institution of higher learning feels within their reach. As educators, sometimes we just have to open the door to achievement for students, and they’ll walk through.”

Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell - Oakland Unified School District

“Offering a college entrance exam, like the SAT or ACT, during the school day at no cost to students helps level the playing field. This is a basic issue of equity for all of our students. We also know that students who use the free test practice available through Khan Academy have also been able to increase their scores substantially. It’s time that our state focuses on providing these resources to all of our students.”

Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser - Long Beach Unified School District

“Overwhelming support among educators for the SAT shows that Californians value local control over how students are tested, so that school districts can choose assessments that best suit their students’ needs and make college testing more affordable.”

“The SAT is a comprehensive assessment that also helps ensure our schools continue to meet state and federal testing requirements. The Pathways to College Act, which will allow all California students to take college readiness exams in their own classrooms for free, will give more students real opportunities to succeed.”

Superintendent Nancy Albarrán – San Jose Unified School District

“The new SAT that was introduced in 2016 measures achievement and what students are learning in classrooms all over the country. More importantly it’s aligned with California state standards and truly is a pathway for students to colleges in and out of state. When it comes to supporting student learning, we should be targeting our investments toward giving more students access to this exam.”

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