Tips for Teaching Online

May 5, 2020 ACSA Partner


The following webinar is provided by ACSA Partner4Purpose Brandman University.

With the spread of the Coronavirus, schools have made the rapid switch to online teaching, but many teachers initially felt unprepared to make the transition. Even after settling into their own rhythms of online instruction, educators know more than anyone that there’s always room for learning and growing. Join Brandman University professor Dr. Kimberly Green as she helps teachers identify the skills needed to be successful in this flipped learning environment and understand what works best in an online class setting. 

  • Learn the basics of running effective online classes and live meetings
  • Understand what is feasible and meaningful to learners and how to set realistic expectations
  • Examine how online classes are an extension of the classroom
  • Review best practices for email, feedback, and language in an online class setting

This is just one of many free webinars for K-12 leaders. Visit to register for an upcoming webinar or to view any of the past recordings.  

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