Smoke and ash safety webinar August 10th

August 8, 2018 ACSA Writer

Webinar for district leaders and CCDEH members

This webinar is intended for local school and health officials to review best practices for smoke and ash safety with subject matter experts. Please peruse the linked information below and have any questions ready for discussion.

  • Topic: Smoke & Ash Safety Factsheets and Guidance for Schools
  • Webinar recording (scroll ahead to minute and 20 seconds)

Additional Links:
LEA Meeting Notes - July 31st
Shasta County Office of Education Bulletin - August 1st
Shasta County Office of Education Bulletin - August 2nd

Smoke and ash safety factsheets and guidance for schools

Air Quality Index Descriptions


Greg Vlasek, Environmental Protection Agency - Welcome and overview
Karen Riveles, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment - Environmental Health Assessment
Jeff Williams, Air Resources Board - Air Monitoring and Indoor Air
Tracy Barreau, Dept. of Public Health - Public Health Assessment
Denise Tsuji, Dept. of Toxic Substances Control - Hazardous Waste Management
Wes Mindermann, CalRecycle - Debris Operation

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